6 Popular Ways to Come Up with Your Lottery Numbers

Choosing the most profitable and luckiest lottery numbers in any casino games is a combination of luck, tricks and game play experience. When it comes to choosing the best number, most players have their own preferred mode to proceed. While some rely on numerology, some believe in their zodiac readings for the day. However, no matter which process a player adopts, it is ultimately a random draw. There is no method that can guarantee a perfect pick for the player, but there is practically no harm in trying out several ways to make the pick better.

Random Play

Go random. This is perhaps the best, easiest and fastest way to get along. Since every lottery draw is ultimately random, there is no harm on the part of the player to make a random pick. Simply choose a number that first visits your mind when you think of the lottery and go with it. If your imagination seems too abstract, use a pen and paper to write down whichever number comes to your mind. When choosing random, there is no pattern or logic to do it. It relieves the player of the pressure to stick to any particular process and helps to play calm.

Rely on Statistics

If you are too much into the science of numbers, then this one is a great shot. Not everyone can master this one, either the player has to be a pro and experienced person in the field of casinos or they must know the basics of stats to get along. This is also an advanced process but thanks to the craze of lotteries across the globe – you can get plenty of stuff on the internet about this to read, understand, analyze and draw results. According to this, theoretically all numbers have the equal chance of being drawn, but some numbers simply appear more than the others. Now, it is up to the player how good they can study the statistics and understand the ways. Seasoned gamblers feel that this method gives them an edge over the others but the downside is the process is time and energy consuming.


If you are a true believer of the number power and cosmic energy of the universe, you can try out the tactics of numerology while picking lottery numbers. There are multiple laws for this one using your lucky numbers, birth dates and so much more. Just do some research on this and you never know it could simply turn out to be profitable for you in the end.

Lucky Numbers

Simply rely on luck and choose the numbers which have always been lucky for you. All of us have some lucky numbers like our birth date that  defines us and have always proved to be lucky. Most amateur players go with this process. There is no reliable win percentage in this process but you can definitely try it out.

Picking Greater Numbers Than 31

This is actually not an apt process for winning lotteries, it is more united for winning high amounts in lotteries. Scoping the jackpot with this trick is quite tough but it has great logic. While most people believe in a combination of numerology and zodiac for choosing the numbers, the numbers below 31 get chosen more. In this way, the numbers above 31 get chosen very less. So, if only 2 people win the jackpot the amount you win gets high. Whereas, if you choose the numbers below 31,that most people choose, even if the win is big, the share of each person will be low because there are too many players who have bet on the same number.

Delta Number System

The Delta Lotto number method is one of the fascinating, scientific and approved methods for winning lotteries. Step 1 in this process is to choose 2 numbers between 1 and 5. Now pick two digits between 1 and 8. Now pick another two numbers between 8 and 15. Also, Now write all the six numbers in a paper and add them up. If the sum is within fifteen and that is the highest number you can choose. It will be a highly profitable lotto sequence. However, if the sum is not within 15, start from scratch all over again.

Ultimately, it is the lady luck who will guide your winning in any lottery numbers game and it is quite fun and happening to accept the fact. Trust your instincts as well.

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