Are Live Casino Games Rigged? Know the Truth!

Whether you use online casinos to bet or love to visit land-based casinos and test your luck in a highly engaging environment, one thing will always bug you. You might wonder if the live casino games are rigged. What if you’re staking your money on a game whose outcome is already fixed or determined? Does it sound scary? It does. 

If such questions were holding you back from trying live casino games, it’s time to overcome this fear and we’re going to help. 

The Truth Behind Rigged Live Casino Games 

Live casino games are the game of chance. But, there have been many incidences in the past where we’ve seen casinos determining our faith. For instance, a live casino game of Reel Deal and Hi/Lo Gambler was found to be organized coin flip games with false commitments. They advertised a 100% payout, but it was 96% in reality. This is a sheer fraud. Similarly, many gamblers feel that Poker tables are mostly rigged. But, are they? 

If you’re playing with a reliable and renowned casino then the odds of engaging in a rigged game are very low. Most of the established casinos are using verified and audited RNGs or Random Number Generators to produce game results. 

These RNGs are software that dealers can’t manipulate at the time of conducting the games. In addition, established casinos also use games from well-known providers like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, and many more.  All these providers are best known for designing games giving only fair results. 

Considering all this, we can say that live casino games are not rigged if you access them through time-honored online casinos. But, many still think that live casino games are rigged. 

Both online and offline casinos are businesses and running any business comes with a cost.  Casinos want to make money; they don’t work hard to help punters win a jackpot. They want to make a profit and they ensure it through house edge. 

House edge is a certain percentage that a casino gets from every bet. This is to ensure that the casino is maintaining its profitability. This is what raises the eyebrows of many players and makes them wonder if fairness I ever valued in a game of luck. But, the house edge is not an indication of a rigged game. 

What Makes a Live Casino Games Rigged? 

There are certain markers indicating that a live casino game can be rigged. If you know these markers, you can avoid betting on a game where you have no chance of winning. 

Lack of Transparency 

You’re most likely to be a part of a rigged game if you engage with an online or land-based casino where there is no transparency maintained on which types of RNGs are used, what the bonus and payout terms how bonus features work, and crucial aspects. 

Such casinos can null & void your winning based on certain terms that they never disclosed. So, it’s better to stay away from such a casino.  You must conduct basic research at your end to learn if a casino is legit and reputable. 

No Seal of Trustworthiness 

You have a higher chance of becoming a victim of a rigged live casino game when your money is at stake with an unverified casino. Land-based casinos can’t operate without licenses and certifications. But, online casinos can. There are ample of online live casinos that are not licensed and 100% legit. 

Such casinos will have high odds of offering rigged live casino games. So, you better avoid them and always bet with licensed & verified ones. If you’re having trouble finding such casinos, let us help you.

Crickex, BetJili, JeetWin, BetVisa, and BetJili are some of the most renowned and legit online casinos that punters from across the world can use without being feared for rigged games. 

Unusual or Suspicious Behavior from the Dealer

If the dealer is acting suspiciously or making unusual decisions during the game, it could be a sign of rigging. You need to make sure that the dealer is not in a hurry to start the game; shuffles cards in an abrupt manner, and even don’t make an effort to explain the game rules & regulations. 

They do all these things to force punters to keep occupied and not allow them to have enough time to think. 

Final Say 

If we think logically, live casino games are not rigged. But, there are chances of manipulation or cheating if you’re not aware and making wise choices. Playing with any random casino means inviting trouble. If you’re looking for a unique and immersive gaming experience, reliable live casino games at leading online casinos are worth considering. 

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