Betting on Zero in Roulette | Probability & Payout

Casino games are so much popular for several decades. People not only play casino games to pass their leisure time but also for great winnings. Many people prefer to play Roulette due to its simple and easy-to-understand strategies. This casino game involves betting on various numbers on a spinning wheel. However, zero and double zero play a very important role in Roulette, especially regarding the house edge. Even if you are unfamiliar with Roulette, there is a good chance with Roulette Zero Betting. Keep in mind that the European Roulette version has a single zero. On the other hand, American Roulette comes with a single and double zero. 

The zero on the European version sits between black 26 and red 36. In American Roulette, the single zero is available between black 2 and 26. The odds of landing a number zero in a round are not enough. Therefore, it brings a much higher payout than other combinations. This short guide will teach you about the probabilities and payouts when betting on zero in Roulette.

Probability of Hitting Zero in Roulette:

It is a better way to begin with, a perfect idea of how often zero hits in Roulette. However, it depends on the number of zeros on the wheel. Usually, there are either 37, 38, or 39 places the ball can land in any spin when you are playing the Roulette Zero Betting game. Now, the pocket that contains the number zero is similar to the pockets for the other numbers. Therefore, the likelihood of landing a ball on zero is similar to any single-number bet. 

It will show that the probability of hitting zero is 36-1 on a single zero wheel. Similarly, it is 37-1 on a double zero wheel and 38-1 on a triple zero Roulette wheel. You have noticed that the probability of hitting double zero changes depending on whether you are playing on a 2-zero Roulette table or a 3-zero Roulette table. Usually, all three wheels are available at online casinos. 

The Payout for Roulette Zero Betting:

There is no doubt that the probability of hitting zero in Roulette is small, but it does happen.

Fortunately, Roulette Zero Betting is the only thing that makes Roulette profitable for the house. Once the ball lands on zero, anyone betting on zero wins 35X their bet. So, people think that in this way the house loses. It certainly has to pay any bet on zero. Keep in mind that every other bet in Roulette loses. Therefore, Roulette Zero Betting may be profitable once after every 35 spins. In this way, the house makes lots of money whenever your zero bets in Roulette win. It is because everybody else’s bet lost. 

It is crucial to understand that apart from the American version having an extra pocket, 00. The odds for both 0 and 00 are the same, and that is 35:1. They are similar to the Roulette Zero Betting on the European roulette version. It means that the payoff of playing American Roulette is worse than the payoff on a European version. For example, if your place a bet on 0 on a European Roulette, the odds against your winning are 36:1. So the expected value on a $1 bet is $0.027. 

On the other hand, if you bet on 0 on an American Roulette, the odds against your winnings are 37:1 due to the extra number. The expected value of betting $1 on 0 in American Roulette is $0.053. Undeniably, it is significantly worse than a European Roulette Version. Remember that in a row bet on American Roulette, your winning odds are 17:1, and the odds against your winnings are 18:1. It means that your expected value on a $ 1 in “row bet” is $0.053.

Strategy for Roulette Zero Betting:

Whatever strategy you use for placing a bet on any single number in Roulette is just as useful when placing a bet on zero. However, zero will also get hit the same number of times, just like any other single number. You can include Roulette Zero Betting when using the different Martingale systems. Keep in mind that casinos offer you a dinner and a luxury suit if they catch you playing the martingale system at the Roulette. The reason is that Martingale System works when you have an unlimited bankroll and casino sets on casino limits. Remember that neither of those is true. If only one of those criteria is true, then you will still lose your house edge. 


Roulette is undeniably one of the favorite casino games of most punters. Zero in Roulette is always in debate. Remember that zero is neither lucky nor unlucky, although your bet on it may be either. So, you should bet on zero whenever you want; place your bet on other single numbers. Any strategy you use for Roulette Zero Betting will work just as successfully. It is because the house edge is the same for every number in Roulette. Similarly, the probability of hitting zero is similar to the other single numbers.

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