En Prison and La Partage Rules: Boost Your Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a classical casino game and exists in three variants – American, European and French. The rules, bets and most importantly table variants are quite different for each of these versions. Today, we are going to primarily focus on two crucial rules of Roulette namely En Prison and La Partage. Both of these rules are applicable only for the European Roulette variant.

Basics of La Partage and En Prison Rules

Both these rules are applicable only on even money bets. The meaning of La Partage is to divide. In a nutshell, the La Partage rule applies only when the bet wheel stops at point zero, and when it stops, according to the La Partage rule, the even money bets are uniformly divided. One half goes to the player who placed the bet and has the house edge. The other half goes to the casino house.

Likewise, the En Prison rule is effective only when the ball of the wheel attains zero as resting position after the player places money on an even bet. In case a player has their bet automatically placed in the La Paratge section, they can ask the dealer to shift the bet to the En Prison section. The benefit of this shift is that the players will receive back the imprisoned bet next time they win the bet. Whereas, if they do not win, the entire bet is lost. Half of the bet can also be reclaimed under the rule of La Partage.

La Partage Rule in Roulette – What You Need to Know?

The term has a French origin meaning “to divide”. This is one of those roulette rules that gives a significant benefit to the players helping them to slice through the house edge. If you enjoy the Roulette spin and the uncertainties associated with it, this must be a perfect choice. This was initially used in French casinos to cut down chances of loss and attract a greater number of players. Now, it has been universally adopted by beginner and pro players who love to implement tactful strategies in their gameplay and improve the odds.

It comes into play with the player placing an even bet- that is the one which guarantees a 1:1 payout. If the ball lands on zero at the end of the wheel spin, as per this rule, the house cannot sweep away the entire wager of the player, instead the players can successfully recover half of their wage. Usually a spin landing on zero can heavily inflict a player’s bankroll.

La Partage helps the players recover that loss and makes the consequences less severe. The best benefit of using La Partage bet is that – it significantly reduces the house edge on any even money bet. The house edge becomes almost half and that makes the game less risky, more fun to play and last longer.

En Prison Rule in Roulette – How Can It Affect Gameplay?

Like the previous rule, the term has a French origin meaning “in prison”. Similar to La Partage, this rule was also introduced to make the game less riskier for the players and to help cut down the house edge. Moderating risk on even money bets has always been a very high attraction offered by the casinos. When a player places a bet on roulette and most importantly has placed an even money bet at stake, according to this rule, even if the wheel ends in a zero, the entire money of the player is not forfeited.

Instead, according to En Prison, the money is left on the table for the next spin. The term means, the bet is captivated on the game layout. However, this is applicable only once. After the next time, if the player loses the bet it is permanently lost to the house.

The key benefit of betting under En prison is that the player gets enhanced chances of recovery. It also reduces the house edge quite significantly. This rule is less common than La Partage, so finding out a trusted casino that offers this rule might be a challenge. Usually it originated in the French roulettes but now implemented by the European roulettes as well to attract customers.

Wrapping It Up

Both the rules apply to even money bets and come into effect only when the wheel spin ball lands on zero. The target of both the rules is primarily to cut down the house edge and give an upper hand to the player.

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