Flat Betting Strategy and How Does It Work in Baccarat?

Baccarat is the simplest to learn and play among all the card games in the world. Therefore, it is the preferable casino game among players. However, it includes some rules, but the dealer manages all of the gameplay. You need to decide the deal. In addition, there are also strategies in the game, but they are also simpler than other card games. That is where Flat Betting Strategy comes in. 

It is a type of wagering that is extremely simple and also makes a game session very easy. It is one of those strategies that most players prefer to use after approaching the baccarat table. Apart from the simplicity of the game, you can still do some things to ensure that your winning odds are highest, and you can make them, and flat bet strategy is one of them. This strategy is easy on your pocketbook if you play it right. This article helps you learn everything you need to know about flat bet strategy and how to use it in Baccarat.

Flat Betting Strategy:

First, you need to understand why a flat betting system is called a strategy. It keeps your best flat sounds, just like a lazy approach to consistency. So, consistency is crucial if you want to play Baccarat with strategy. However, a Flat Betting Strategy means that the stake of your bet is the same in every round. It is the most common way of managing your bankroll.

Additionally, it is also often known as “fixed stake betting.” Initially, this strategy was popular for sports betting, but now it is widely used in casino games like Baccarat. There are several reasons you prefer flat betting in Baccarat, including:

  • It gives you tight control over your spending. It is suggested that you always appreciate the importance of casino bankroll management. In Baccarat, the stake is the only way to impact the game. Therefore, managing your funds is very important. 
  • Flat betting severely lower the risk involved with casino betting. Most flat betting strategies use 1% of the total bankroll per bet. 
  • A Flat Betting Strategy means long-term benefits over short-term gratification. It is an overall excellent approach to have with gambling.
  • They are versatile bets as you can adapt them only to certain games or conditions. For example, if luck is on your side, you can increase the flat bet. 

How Flat Betting Work in Baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the simplest games. Similarly, Flat Betting Strategy is also the simplest strategy you can use in this game. One important thing you must clarify is to expect a reasonable amount when using flat betting in Baccarat. It is because you can make billions if you only use this strategy. However, there is a very simple way to the optimal RTP using flat betting in Baccarat. To use flat betting in Baccarat, you must repeatedly bet the same amount, especially on the banker bet. In addition, Baccarat is the perfect game for most staking plans. It is because the two major bets include in the game are even money or close it. 

Since the banker bet is more likely to win than the player, you have increased chances to win more than you lose over time. Remember that you are still playing against the house edge. So, you will still statistically lose more than you win in the long run. However, the only thing that you can control in Baccarat is your stake. It is why bankroll management is one of the most effective strategies for winning Baccarat. There is no doubt about it that flat betting is an ideal strategy, especially for beginners, to not lose in the short run.

How to Use Flat Betting Strategy in Baccarat?

The best way to benefit from flat betting in Baccarat is to determine which hand will win correctly. To use Flat Betting Strategy in Baccarat, remember these steps.

Split Bankroll in Equal Parts:

The size per unit depends on your total bankroll, the table limits, and how aggressive you are willing to be.

Use the Unit Size According to Situation:

Percentage-based unit size in Flat Betting Strategy is very impactful. It is because it always adapts to the size of your current bankroll. So, select a flat amount if you want the same stake without considering your previous winnings and losses.

Change the Size of Stake Depending on the Current Session:

The percentage also makes it easier to pull off. Play for time with a single flat bet in Baccarat. Adjust the size of your stake based on your winnings and losses for the next session.

Place the Same Bet:

Never change the size of the stake within the same session. However, some adjustments are possible, and the simplest way of doing so is between the sessions.


It is because you don’t need to know several things about the game to understand this approach. However, Flat Betting Strategy is the only way to know if a betting approach benefits the game. Try only one baccarat betting strategy if you can beat it with this flat betting.

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