How to Beat the House Edge in Casino Games

Casino house edge can be the game changer for anyone. But all you have to know is how to beat it and use it to your advantage. Not an easy task though, the perfect gateway to beating house edge comes with experience and practice. Perfect casino gaming is a hypothetical term and there is nothing as such called a perfect game, but beating the casino house edge can be damn profitable and earn benefits for the player. If you cannot beat the house edge, it is the casino that will win over and this is the way that they make money.

Casino House Edge – Explained

Before understanding how to beat the casino house edge in games, it is vital to have a fair idea of the concept of house edge. Table games or any other type of casino game are mostly curated in the favor of the casino – after all the casinos are all set to make their own share of profits. Especially in games like Roulette and Blackjack, the player already puts forward more money than they are ever expected to win back.

The games are not a loss but most of the time, it is the casino that wins. For every dollar (or any other currency) that a player wagers on the casino platform, they get back (through wins)a certain percentage that is called Return to Player Percentage or RTP. The remaining amount is known as house edge. Online slot games and land based slot games have a very high house edge. Games like Roulette and Baccarat have a medium house edge whereas craps and video poker games manifest the least house edge. Beating the house edge will obviously be the best strategy for any player to win big, but you need to master the art

Tips to Beat Casino House Edge

Here are top 5 strategies for any online casino player, to beat casino house edge and make wins as big as possible:

Don’t Play Roulette

American roulette is a game where most players literally get robbed by high end house edges. The house edge of 5.2% on an average on these games means the player will always lose either on odd or even and on red or black. Casinos make huge money if their players indulge in such games. However, it is not quite great on part of the player. If you love roulette, you can instead try out the French Roulette because it is one of the go to games for a sustained profit.

Try Slot Games With High RTP and Low House Edge

Slots are probably the most versatile game on the online casino platform. The house edge can literally range from 1% to 8%. You have to choose the best slot games with the lowest house edge that will automatically have the highest RTP. Slots are extremely volatile as a game and while choosing do not forget to weigh both the factors – volatility and RTP.

Small Bet Amounts

The expert strategy to reduce the house edge is to keep the bet amount small. Always keep the bet amount around 5% to 105 of your total casino bankroll. Anything greater than 10% is a red flag and will drown you. Casinos will tempt you with multiple strategies to place higher at stake, don;t be duped. Another cool way is to try out the live dealer games on online casinos because these have comparatively less house edge.

Play Shorter Sessions

Not only for house edge, the casinos intend on several other benefits for themselves if a player plays for longer duration. The more you play, greater is the house edge of the casinos and also higher is their profit. One of the bestways for casinos to claw down on your profit is to encourage longer game duration. Also, avoid any type of risky bets and bets with poor winning odds.


Take advantage of as many bonuses as you can. Utilize the promotions to gain money and add value to your gameplay. However, do not forget to read the terms and conditions before betting.

Final Words

Every casino offers unique RTP and house edges. Sensible gamblers always go for the games that have lowest house eedge.House edges are meant for the casino owners to always gain an advantage over the players. By making very smart moves and choosing the right games, you can always help yourself beat the grind and win over the casino house edge.

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