Is Cashback Bonus Worth Getting from Online Casinos?

In the world of online casino bonuses, cashback bonus has a fan base. It’s one of the most loved online casino bonuses amongst frequent players because it awards certain money against past losses. But, is it worth the hype? We will decode it today. 

What is a Cashback Bonus? 

Let’s first understand the meaning of a cashback bonus. It’s a type of online casino bonus that is awarded in the form of credit. It’s a certain percentage of the net loss a player has over a specific period.  It’s considered the second chance that punters get with a casino and encourages players to continue betting despite frequent losses.

For example, if a cashback bonus is 10% then it means a player will get 10% of its total losses in a week or a day, according to the conditions of the bonus. The refunded percentage is mostly between 5% to 25% and there is also an upper limit of the cashback.  It’s mostly awarded to frequent players who make real money deposits.  

How do Cashback Bonuses Work?  

There are two ways online casinos allow players to claim a cashback bonus. 

  • A No-code Direct Bonus– This type of casino cashback bonus requires no code for activation. It’s awarded directly to the player’s account and is available for redemption. 
  • Promo Code Cashback Bonus– Some online casinos grant a cashback casino bonus with a pre-designed promo code.  Players awarded with a cashback bonus need to enter a specific promo code to activate this bonus. This promo code will be applicable only once, depending upon the casino, and can expire after some time. Hence, it’s important to enter it correctly. 

Once you grab this bonus, you will have extra credit to continue your gameplay. There are different types of cashback casino bonuses that you can claim in a leading online casino. 

  • No Wagering Cashback Bonus -This type of cashback bonus doesn’t ask for any wagering requirements. Yes, this bonus is credited directly to your online casino account and is one of the most loved types of bonus. It allows you to enjoy the benefit of this bonus without investing any added amount. 
  • Weekly Cashback Offers– This cashback bonus is awarded every week and the cashback percentage is also calculated based on a period of one week. The online casino will keep track of your net losses, which happened all through the week, and then award the cashback. 
  • Daily Cashback Bonus- A daily cashback bonus is awarded daily. Your daily net losses are recorded and then cashback is awarded. This is a great option for beginner punters with limited bankroll. With this bonus, they will be able to have some amount to reinvest in online gambling. 

Benefits of Cashback Bonuses 

With the help of a good cashback bonus, you can experience a wide range of benefits such as: 

  • Longer play sessions with fewer deposits– When you’re awarded frequent cashback, you can accumulate great wealth for playing. 
  • A hope to get a partial refund- Even though no one likes losing in a game of casino, cashback bonuses assure you that you will get a specific refund of your losses.  
  • A reward for your loyalty– If you’re a frequent depositor then your loyalty is well awarded in the form of cashback casino bonuses. You can redeem this bonus on a weekly or monthly basis. 
  • Easy to Claim and Process- Compared to other online casino bonuses, cashback bonuses are easy to process and claim. They even have simple wagering requirements. 

Disadvantages of Cashback Casino Bonuses 

While this bonus offers lucrative benefits, it has certain shortcomings that you should know beforehand.

  • Cashback bonuses are not offered by every casino. Only a handful of reliable and established online casinos offer this bonus. So, you need to be very attentive while selecting an online casino. 
  • Capping is another issue with cashback bonuses. Online casinos might impose your daily or weekly refunds through this bonus. 

Are Cashback Bonuses Worth the Hype? 

Cashback bonuses are a great way to recoup a certain percentage of the amount that you’ve lost during a game session. It provides you with a refund on a daily and weekly basis. Considering this, we can easily conclude that cashback bonuses are worth a try. But, when the refund percentage is relatively small and the wagering requirement is high, you may not find a cashback bonus worth your time and effort.  

To make the most of this bonus, we recommend you make sure you choose an online casino that offers a daily casino bonus with the lowest possible wagering requirement.

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