Is online lottery legal in India?

Lottery and gambling have a strong significance in Indian culture and have existing since ancient times. However, the modern online lottery landscape in India is very complex and a highly debated topic. While state lotteries are still legal in some parts of India, the status of online lotteries in India is not very clear. In today’s blog, we’re trying to decode everything related to online lottery legal in India. 

What is a Lottery? 

A lottery or Lotto is a game of chance where participants need to purchase a ticket for a small amount and participate in the draw.  Each lottery ticket has a unique number on it and when the draw takes place, a person having a lottery ticket with numbers matched in the draw wins the lottery. 

Based upon the type of the lottery and its related price, winners can get huge cash and even some prize items like cars, houses, and gold. 

Legal States of Lottery in India 

According to Section 2(b) of the Lotteries Act, 1998, state-managed lotteries are legal. But, it’s a state-based affair. The act permits state governments to decide whether they want to legalise lotteries in India.

However, this act is only applicable to paper-based lotteries in India. Some states have banned state lotteries in India while others like Kerala, Goa, West Bengal, Assam, and many more have legalized paper-based lotteries.  

The legality of lotteries in India is a state’s discretion and there is no national-level ban imposed on lotteries. States where lotteries are legalized have distinct rules and regulations in place to govern the related activities.  

You can participate in lottery-based draws with the help of casinos, some registered shops, and online platforms. These states even organize large-scale draws to declare the winners of the lotteries. So, if you stay in these states then you can participate in lotteries without any fear.  

Is Online Lottery Legal in India? 

If we talk about online lotteries, there are no specific laws or regulations defining their legalities in India. However certain states like Sikkim and Nagaland have started working to develop a strong stringent legal framework for online lotteries. 

People living in states where lotteries are not allowed can use online lottery platforms to try their luck. They can purchase tickets online, participate in the draw, and even claim the prize if they win. 

Seeing the growing popularity of international lotteries, people have also started participating in online international lotteries. However, they need to make sure that they’re a little bit attentive while using online lotteries.  

What to Prefer- Online or Offline Lotteries 

When offline lotteries have a legal state in certain states and online lotteries are still not a clear stance, it’s obvious for people to get confused and fail to understand which one to choose. We can help you make a wise choice. 

If you choose a paper-based or online lottery then you have to visit a physical place to purchase a lottery ticket. But, you can purchase online tickets from anywhere. You don’t have to visit anywhere. 

Paper-based lotteries have geo-restrictions. For instance, you can’t purchase a lotto ticket from a Sikkim state in Goa and vice-versa.  You can purchase a lottery ticket for a Goa-state lottery only in Goa. This type of geo-restriction does not apply to online lottery platforms.  You can purchase a lottery ticket from Goa, Sikkim or even from other countries from the comfort of your home. 

Both the lotteries have a different process to distribute the prizes. Online lotteries award you the prizes directly in your account without much hassle whereas paper-based lotteries have so many formalities and conditions to be fulfilled before actually awarding you the prize money. 

Considering all this, we can easily conclude that online lotteries in India are the best choice for those who want to test their luck. 

Who Can Participate in Online Lotto 

Online lottery legal in India is conditioned with certain rules and regulations so that they’re conducted in a streamlined manner. Here are a few things to consider while participating in online lotteries in India. 

Only individuals above 18 years of age are allowed to participate in online lotteries in India. This age registration I applicable countrywide and there are no relaxations granted in this regard. 

According to the Central Government of India, individuals from all the Indian states, except West Bengal, can participate in online lotteries in India.  

Final Say 

While paper-based lotteries are only accessible in certain states, online lottery is the best option for adults of legal age to explore the world of lottery. They are easily available to everyone. 

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