Is the Crickex App free to download and use in Bangladesh?

Undoubtedly, Crickex is the most popular sports betting and casino app. It upholds a loyal Bangladeshi fanbase. We rarely see such happenings in the field of gambling and betting but here we can witness a huge audience fanbase for Crickex. This is because of the simplicity and authenticity it maintains. But before you dive into the thrill moments of online wagering, a few questions are raising common among people: is the Crickex app free to download and use in Bangladesh?

You will explore the reality by the time you have completed reading this article.

Downloading the Crickex Free App

If you are a passionate punter and gambler, then here is good news for you the Crickex App free download is possible and it is free in Bangladesh.

But here are a few things you need to know regarding the Crickex App Free Download:

Supports only Android

According to the sources, Crickex is now officially available only for Android devices in Bangladesh.

Whereas, the iPhone users will have to wait for an iOS version release.

However, there is no official update regarding the confirmed release date of the Crickex iOS version.

Sideloading Required

You have to be aware that Crickex operates outside the Google Play Store’s jurisdiction in Bangladesh.

However, if you are downloading it will involve the “Sideloading process” of the Crickex App Free from their website.

Therefore, this will create a lot of differences as compared to the one downloaded from the Play Store.

Using the Crickex App Free

Downloading the Crickex App Free is easy but accessing its features comes with these nuances:

Free Browsing

You will be able to browse odds, live scores, and news feeds completely free of charge.

However, in another way it allows you to stay updated on cricket happenings.

Also, it helps you assess the potential wagers without risking your money.

Free Live Streaming

One of the best things that you can witness is the Crickex App Free Live Streaming.

As a result, it lets you watch live cricket matches for free within the app.

Also, it adds an extra layer of excitement and thrill to your cricket experience.

The Cost of Playing

Here is where you will feel indulged and interesting. The Crickex App free aspect vanishes when you would like to place bets or play casino games.

Deposits Required

If you want to participate in the betting then you will have to deposit into your Crickex account.

However, to carry out the further steps, you have to link your bank account or any other alternative bank account under the payment methods.

Always Remember that your deposits are real money and not virtual currency. So gamble responsibly.

Betting Costs

You have to be aware of the fact that every wager you place carries a betting fee. However, This fee is deducted from your deposited funds.

Therefore, these fees will keep varying depending on the Matches, Events, and Betting types.

Casino Game Costs

If you know Betting then this is similar to that!

When you are Playing casino games within the app, it includes wagering your deposited funds.

Therefore, Each game has specific rules. Also, the payout structures determine potential winnings and losses.

Beyond the Costs

Here are the other factors that you have to know and keep in mind apart from financial considerations:

Data Usage

If you are on Live streaming, then surely the app will drain your mobile data plan.

It is always highly recommended to use the Wi-Fi.

Responsible Gambling

This is indeed the most important factor. Online gambling includes real-world financial risks.

However, it is up to you to gamble responsibly. Also, you must never wager more than you can afford to lose.


If You are a resident of Bangladesh then you must understand that the Online gambling laws are complex in Bangladesh.

Therefore, you must ensure that you adhere strictly to the rules and regulations before you start using any gambling app.


The Crickex App Free download is easy and you can access a wide range of features in the Crickex Bangladesh App. However, you will be indulged completely in real-world betting and real money deposits.

Also, the casino games carry a lot of financial risks. So, it becomes your responsibility to analyze the risks before you risk your money.

If you are more concerned about financial transactions and website security then, obviously the crickex website is the best betting site in Bangladesh and India.

We can only suggest you the best platform to gamble or bet but it is you who is putting in your money. So you must remember that the thrill of the game shouldn’t overshadow your financial well-being.

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