Live Dream Catcher Casino Strategy – Tips to Win Big on a Low Budget!

Dream catcher is one of the most energetic and fun to play live games in the casino world right now. The presentation of the game is so exciting that people from all age groups love to participate in this game. But it is not only the interface of the game that makes it exciting, instead it is also the strategy implementation that enhances the game vibes. Here are some of the best live dream catcher casino strategies to win big on a low budget:

Slow and Steady

A dream catcher wheel has a total of 54 segments. Segment number 1 and 2 has a huge coverage of the wheel. While betting, if we focus on these two segments of the game wheel, you can cover almost around 38 segments of the wheel. Also these two segments will give the advantage of the multiplier spin. Winning high or big on a low budget is possible if you follow these strategies.


We are talking about the 2X and 7X segments in this game. In this strategy, you place the bet on the following segments : 5, 10, 20 and 40. These are the spaces in the wheel that pays the highest. And if you are lucky enough you will end up in the multiplier and boom that is a big win. When considering possible rewards, this one is one of the most apt and highly rewarding strategies.

All or Nothing

Again one of the most promising and riskiest dream catcher strategies by far. In this game strategy, you should only focus on the segment number 20 and 40. These two segments are the highest paying in the entire wheel. The rewards for winning on this wheel are huge. Especially taking into account the possibility of a multiplier where a 40X segment can potentially turn into a 280X bet – that is undoubtedly a huge win.

Aim for the Lowest House Edge by Betting on 10

Like most other casino games, you will win higher if you can lower the house edge. Betting on the segment 10 in the wheel is possibly the best way to lower the house edge. Betting on 10 is perhaps the smartest choice you can make on a Live Dream catcher casino game. The advantage that the house will get when players bet on this segment is around 3.42%.

The 1,2,20 Method

Start the game by betting on these spaces in the wheel. As the players can place bet on multiple spaces, they can actually start off by placing bets on the 1, 2 or 20 segments. Through this betting technique you can potentially cover around 74% of the spaces in the wheel that gives rise to a ¾ th winning possibility every time you bet. There is perhaps no other potential casino game that offers such high winning chances – making Dream Catcher a potentially profitable casino game to indulge in.

Avoid Any Historical Strategy

For many other casino games, historically important strategies like Martingale works extremely fine. However, with new generation games like the live dreamcatcher casino games, these strategies hardly work. Most of the historical strategies are based on the belief that a number has greater possibility to come up in the wheel if it has not come up recently. There are multiple other beliefs such as “Gambler’s Fallacy” that also drives success in other games but fails to generate any potential effect in the Dream Catcher Live Casino Game. The win in the dream catcher games depends on the strategy that the recent winnings have largely nothing to do with the next moves in spinning. Instead you can explore the odds vs probability of the dream catcher live casino game if you want to perform better at it.

Avoid Space 1

Though the 1,2,20 method works fine for winning, it is always best to avoid the space 1. One might argue that space 1 occupies almost 23 out of the 54 spaces in the wheel so there is a high winning chance, but the payout on space 1 is simply one to one. Even if you win, the money you make would not be as close to the others. When playing dream catcher liver casino games, most players want to aim for huge profits and betting on space 1 at this point is not worthy.

These strategies can help players win the best rewards in the live dream catcher casino game.

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