Lucky 15 Bet Types Explained | Tips & Strategy

Placing bets is the most desirable pastime of most people. However, among several bets, combination bets are always lucrative. Therefore, people prefer these types of bets most. Lucky 15 Bet is one of the most attractive bets of this type. As the name indicates, it consists of 15 small bets divided into 4 categories r sub-sections. In addition, the four categories cover various events, each with unique distinctions.

Almost any sport can be the subject of this bet, but it is usually seen in horse racing. Football is another popular sport for this bet that allows you to profit from multiple without the associated risk. It would help if you used optimal strategies for the best results. This article covers everything essential to understand this bet, from its types, tips, and strategies. 

Lucky 15 Bet Explained:

It is a full-coverage multiple bet that covers all possible combinations divided into 4 different sections. The Lucky 15 Bet has 15 separate bets. However, the value of each bet is equal on 4 types of selections, including four singles, four trebles, six doubles, and one four-fold accumulator. Several bets include in the Lucky 15 wager. It will make the return of abet very substantial if all 4 categories win. However, you will get the payout even if only one wins. Remember that the several bets, the larger the stake. It multiplies your initial stake by 15 to obtain 15 equal bets.

How Lucky 15 Bet Work?

Multiple bets are always the best way to shoot for a big profit for a relatively small stake. It will make them attractive. Choosing 4 winning selections is all it will take to pay out big. To place Lucky 15 Bet, you need to pick 4 applicable selections. It is a fact that horse racing is the most popular sport for Lucky 15 Bet. 

So, let’s consider you are betting on four horses, horse A, Horse B, Horse C, and Horse D. This way, you will properly understand each type and its strategy. When working with Lucky 15, you will see that it has all possible combinations for four selections.

Single Bet:

There are 4 bets with selecting A, B, C, and D horses in a single bet. You will get a payout for the single bet when one horse comes through. 

Double Bet:

There is a total of 6 bets in double bet. The selections is like A+B, A+C, A+D, B+C, C+D. So, if two horses win, you will receive a payout for two single bet and one double bet.

Triple Bet:

This bet consists of a total of 4 bets. However, the selection will be like A+B+C, A+C+D, A+B+D, and B+C+D. When three horses win, there is a payout for three single bets, three doubles, and one treble.

Four-fold Bet:

Here is just 1 bet include in this betting type. The selection of the four-fold bet is A+B+C+D. So, if all four horses win, you will get a payout for all the best in the Lucky 15 Bet. The payout is like four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and the fourfold. 

Each Way Lucky 15:

Like other multiples, each way bet can also give you a good return on the initial stake. It is the most famous type of combination bet. With each way Lucky 15 Bet, you are not only placing a bet on a selection to win, but you also need to place a bet on a selection to place. Placing this bet can ensure you will get a handsome return if all horses fail to finish first. This bet type also doubles the number of total bets. So, it consists of 30 bets of equal value. 

Tips to Win Lucky 15 Bet:

Winning all your selections from Lucky 15 looks impossible, but some punters can do it. So, all you need to do is do careful research and a bit of luck. Luck is not in your hand, but you can increase your winning odds using these tips.

Head-to-Head Stats:

It is a top consideration when placing a bet on Lucky 15. So, to be clear, it is better to look for current head-to-head stats. Keep in mind that this stat is not helpful if two teams have yet to face off in a decade.

Claim Bonuses:

The secret to making profits consistently in sports betting is to win consistently and lose often. Bonuses can provide a cushion for your losses. Moreover, they can also help you to increase your profits.


Choose top teams to increase your winning chances. It means that leave out clubs with 0 forms currently for performing sides. It will also make your decision-making process very simple.


All types of punters, whether experienced or inexperienced, show their interest in Lucky 15 for a good reason. So, if you have been betting for the first time in horse racing, consider how Lucky 15 Bet work. It will help you to get the biggest possible return. It is because it consists of 15 bets over 4 different selections.

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