Meet India’s Biggest Lottery ticket Winners!

Lottery has a historical significance in India and has been a part of its culture for centuries. The very idea of trying your luck using a lottery ticket in the hope of winning a jackpot excites all of us, including Indians.  In fact, many Indians managed to build a fortune through lotteries. 

Today, we will help you know India’s biggest lottery winners so that you learn that luck does favours in real life. 

Top 5 Indian Lottery Winners with Winning Amount  

Let’s talk about Indians who made history by winning whooping prize money through lottery tickets. 

#1- Rajeev Arikkatt

Winning Amount-  33 Crore 

Rajeev Arikkatt took the world by storm by winning a lottery worth 33 crore in 2024. This 40-year-old   Indian expat belongs to Kerala, India and works in UAW. He won a lottery prize of 15 million dirhams, near about 33 crore INR in the weekly draw of Big Tickey lottery, an Abu Dhabi-based lottery facility.  

Rajeev purchased six lottery tickets for the draw and his complimentary ticket helped him secure such a huge victory. Yes, luck didn’t favour him with his purchased six tickets. But, the compliment that he got as a freebie made him win the draw. 

He has been participating in the Bug Ticket draws for the last three years and never tasted victory; it’s his first victory with any lottery. What’s interesting about his victory is his pattern of buying lottery tickets. He purchased tickets with 7 and 13 numbers as these are the birth dates of his children. This is life life-changing moment for him for sure. 

Even though Rajeev didn’t win an Indian lottery, he is an Indian and became one of the biggest lottery winners Indian in the world. 

#2- Porunnan Rajan

Winning Amount– 12 Crore 

Porunnan Rajan is an ideal example of rags to riches through lotteries in India. He is a rubber tapper from Kerala and is in neck-deep debt.  One fine day, he was off to the bank to pay one of his loan instalments and saw a vendor selling lottery tickets. He causally purchased a ticket and prayed only for a consolation prize. 

But, faith has something else decided for him. He end-up winning INR 12 crore with the Kerala Christmas New Year Bumper lottery game in 2021. He planned to use the winning amount to clear off his debt and invest in his children’s education. Reports even say that he purchased a flat from the winning amount. 

#3- Hira Singh 

Winning Amount- $50 Million 

Hira Sing is one of the Indian winning biggest lotteries. He won $50 million in the Mega Million lottery in 2019. He resides in Kansas, US and is a regular buyer of Mega Million lottery tickets. For his winning lottery ticket, he even missed the live draw announcement. Later, he scanned his ticket with the drawn numbers and was shocked by the results. 

It was unbelievable for him. Hence, he scanned the ticket three times. But, luck already favoured him and he won the jackpot of $50 million.  

#4- Ananthu Vijayan 

Winning Amount– 12 Crore

Ananthu Vijayan works in a temple, situated in the Idukki district of Kerala and he is lucky to win a lottery prize of 12 crore in the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery. His winning lottery ticket number is TB173964. When he learned about his winning through a phone call, he couldn’t believe it and considered it a prank as most of us don’t have winning hopes with a lottery ticket. 

But, lotteries can change your life and Ananthu Vijayan is a perfect example of this. He purchased a house and set up a business with the help of a winning amount. 

#5- Manoj Kumar

Winning Amount– 1.5 crore 

How you would feel when you win 1.5 crores after spending only INR 200 on a lottery ticket? You will be on cloud 9. Well, it has happened in real life with Manoj Kumar, a resident of Mandvi village in Sangrur district, India. 

He even borrowed INR 200 to purchase that lottery ticket. He won this whooping winning amount with the help of the Punjab State lottery ticket in the Rakhi Bumper draw, held in 2019. The draw was announced on August 29 and left Manoj Kumar baffled. 

Concluding Notes 

That was the list of India’s biggest lottery winners who won name, fame, and money through national and international lotteries. They have proved that lotteries are not a scam and change the course of your life. For the ease of lottery lovers, lottery tickets are even available online. Just make sure you only select reliable and trusted platforms to purchase tickets. 

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