Most Rated Casino Games Offered by Crickex

Crickex offers one of the largest arrays of casino games on any platform. It is the best gambling platform for online casino lovers of India and Bangladesh. It features some of the most well known casino games while even some of the rarest games.

Let us have a look at some of the player’s favorites and most played games on the Crickex platform:


Slots is the mother game of casinos. Casinos perhaps came into existence due to the game of slots. It is the brand ambassador of casino games. Slots are easy to get along, no difficult concept or complex tricks to win. Slots is also one of those casino games where luck has a great role to play. The player just needs to set specific symbol combinations in the slot machine and place the bets. That is all. If the combination wins, the player gets to earn money. On the Crickex platform, the player has an option to choose slots of specific topics as they wish.


Poker is also among the ancient casino games. On the Crickex platform, you can get access to poker as well as Live Poker Games. Live poker games are where the dealings are done by a live dealer. This makes the game much more interesting and lively recreating the actual live casino vibes. Poker on Crickex comes with multiple play options. Crickex is one of the most secure platforms to play Poker on.


For casino lovers who do not want to experiment much with gaming strategies, and want to experiment with something plain, easy, simple and entertaining, Blackjack is the best option. Blackjack is an immensely popular casino game in the Indian subcontinent. Just as in Poker, Crickex offers Blackjack games in the simple mode and live mode. The live mode is definitely more of an adrenaline rush and far more exciting and entertaining. The dealers capacity is capped at 21 and the player needs to make 21 points per round for a win.


In this game, the target of the players is to collect the cards which have a value close to nine or a value of nine. It is extremely popular among casino lovers on the Indian subcontinent and in Bangladesh. Crickex is one of the best platforms for playing Baccarat games. Bet high because there are zero chances of frauds. Crickex practices safe and trusted gambling practices.It is one of the best games for amateurs and professionals.


On Crickex, players can play Roulette and European Roulette – both the popular versions of the game. The easiest way to play this one is – the roulette wheel is pinned by the dealer as soon as the ball flies. Now, as the ball stops moving, the position is noted. The player wins the game if they have wagered on the same spot. Yes, that is a bit of luck but more of practice. The game is amazing and interesting only if you know the hacks and have a great hand of practice.

Jackpot Games

The one stop junction for casino lovers who are aiming for the big wins. To play these games, you have to visit the “Casino” section on the Crickex platform. There are multiple games in the category of Jackpot casino games. The players can use reels and payline to bet and win high through the multiple Jackpot casino games on Crickex. That is  a whole wide section to explore.


An easy casino game especially for novices to get started with. The amateurs on the casino platform would adore this game for how simple it is to play. All you have to do is keep track of an unpredictable sequence of number shown during the game and the recreate in the correct order

Several other casino games adorn the feature of Crickex gaming platform such as:

  • TOTO
  • Lotteries
  • E-Sports

Final Thoughts

Crickex is an ideal hub for your favorite casino games. One of the most trusted platforms for playing online casino games. The live dealer games on this interface are so popular and interesting that players rush for it.

The terms and conditions for betting and online games are quite lenient yet safe on Crickex. If you want to bet in your home currency and get the best outcomes, Crickex is the ideal joint for you. Enjoy casino games like never before through Crickex online gambling platform.

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