Play Crazy Time casino game on Crickex: Tips and Tricks

If you are an ardent casino games lover, there is no way that you are not a fan of Crazy Time. For all the adventurous and fun loving gamblers out there, Crazy time is the ultimate game to make your casino experience exciting as ever.

Crazy Time is a popular live casino game that has a wheel with 54 segments. These segments can cover 8 bets in total. The game is not that simple and blunt as it seems to be. There are 4 numbered bets in the game. With each numbered bet is associated their unique number of available space and payouts on bets. Each segment also has their unique bonus games that makes the game even more exciting.

Try out Crazy Time Casino Game on trusted platforms like Crickex and win like never before.

How to Play Crazy Time Casino Games?

The core gaming of these online casino games relies on the accurate prediction of which wheel space will land at the spin pointer. It is as simple as that. Any player can place their bet on up to 8 spaces in the wheel. This shall depend on the space and their payouts.

Experts say that the best spot to bet is space 1 and 21. This is because space 1 and 21 have the highest number of occurrences in the wheel. But these two spaces also offer the lowest payout on the wheel that is 1:1. The space with the least number of occurrences but the highest payout is the space number 10. It has a payout ratio of 10:1 but has only 4 occurrences in the wheel.

During each round, a rell also spins above the wheel. It reveals 1 out of the 8 spaces and a particu;ar multiplier is then applied on the resulting number.

Tips and Strategies to Win Crazy Time Casino Games

There are multiple expert curated strategies that can help a player win big and easy in the Crazy Time Casino Games:

Safe Playing

Though many people tend to ignore this strategy, it is often considered as the best trick to win big in the Crazy Time Casino game.Bet only on the numbered spaces in the wheel,avoiding probably all the bonus spaces. This may seem to be foolish, but it is one of the safest strategies to play.In the wheel with 54 spaces, the numbered spaces make up almost 45 of them. So, it makes the winning number quite high.


All The casino players are well acquainted with the Martingale strategy. This is not only applicable for Roulette games,but also for the Crazy Time Casino Games. The Idea Of this trick is to keep the betting strategy the same for all the bets in the game but keep on doubling the betting amount with each win. However, with each loss the betting amount remains the same. The idea is to help the players recoup the loss with every win.

Bonus Games

Bonus games – placing bets on the 4 bonus games of the wheel at any value is one of the best strategies to make money through this game. Choose the Flip Bonus feature that has the most occurrences in the wheel. The crazy time bonus occurs only once in the wheel. Each bonus has different levels of available segments on the wheel, do not forget to check that out before placing the bets.

All In One Strategy

If you cannot decide on which bonus game to play, go for the All In strategy. You can place bets on all the available spaces in the wheel. This strategy works well for the novices, because they cannot decide the most profitable bonus spaces for placing bets. It will ensure that the player qualifies for any and all of the bonus games whenever they land on the wheel. You can also set the values based on the results of the current game.

Wrapping It Up

Crickex is a hub of exciting and popular online casino games. Crazy time is one of the most played and popular games on the Crickex platform. Crickex is one of the trusted platforms for playing online casino games. Licensed by the Curacao gaming commission, it is a fantastic online site for new casino games. Deposit and withdrawal process is easy and so is the account registration process. Join the Crickex community to enjoy online casino games like never before and win big with the famous Crazy Time Casino Game.

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