Poker Edge Sorting – What is it and How it Works?

Edge sorting is one of the most advantageous techniques in the game of Poker. It is used by a large number of poker players to determine card values of the face down cards by assessing their back side. This technique requires ample practice and expertise on the part of the player and a keen eye to the details.

However, this strategy can come into play only when the player plays with improper and imperfect cards. Normal poker cards generally have symmetric designs on the back, so it is difficult to differentiate between them. It is only the improperly cut cards that have an asymmetric design which are easier to spot and deal with.

What is the Poker Edge Sorting Technique?

Using the Poker edge sorting card, the skilled players can identify the advantageous cards that will give them benefit in the game. Plenty of poker players have developed a keen interest in this particular technique because of the fabulous outcomes that it offers. Let us learn more about the Poker Edge Sorting technique:

In poker some card decks have slight imperfections at their back. These mark the cards differently from the others. The edge sorting technique makes use of these marks of imperfections to determine the value of any face down card. It is all about noticing the differences and using them to one’s own advantage. The noticeable flaws at the card’s back help them to determine the value of a card.

The predictions methodology used in edge sorting does not have a theoretical guideline, it is just a practice code by the experienced players. Through very minor differences the players are able to make out which cards would yield the best for them. Poker edge sorting is more of a tagging or labeling strategy for the players. Over the years, it has been the statistical advantages of these cards that have popularized the concept of poker edge sorting strategy. For players who know how to use this information, it can be of immense help.

The reaction of the poker world to this poker edge sorting strategy was unbelievable. The courts and casinos generally consider this strategy as cheating in casinos. But, some poker players like Brunson have also appreciated the strategy as a smart play technique. In fact, some players are extremely motivated by Ivey as he won almost 26 millions using this edge sorting technique.

The truth is even experienced players cannot execute the edge sorting technique, if certain prerequisites are not met.

Here are some prerequisites if you want to execute the poker edge sorting technique at its best:

  • It will only work in games where the card back is more visible – such as Poker and it is also essential that the card decks have a visible asymmetrical pattern on repeat. Otherwise the whole idea of using the strategy will fall apart.
  • Edge sorting technique will only work if the pattern of play to be followed is a primarily set pattern and the cards are dealt in the same way every single time.
  • The card dealers should be ready to accommodate for and accept any changes that the player demands for. Otherwise execution is difficult. For example, the dealer should be ready to allow for rotating the cards

Does this Technique Work in Reality?

To be very clear with facts, the flaws in any card deck are quite rare. It is not that manufacturers intentionally put up any flaw in the card. Mostly the card backs are quite identical to one another. The differences even if present are quite a trifle and only a trained eye can spot them. As a poker player it is vital to understand that edge sorting is more of a smart play technique and not just mere cheating and neither is it totally based on card counting. Edge sorting works for multiple types of casino games such as Poker and Baccarat.

History of the Poker Edge Sorting Technique

Now that we have almost explored in depth about the poker edging strategy, it is time to know something about the history of this strategy and its advent. In 2012, Phil Ivey and his acquaintance Cheung Yin Kelly won a great deal at the Borgata Casino. They made certain strange requests to the casino that they disguised as superstitious beliefs but in reality they indulge in edge sorting. For example, they wanted certain cards to be rotated at 180 degrees, certain other cards to be mandatorily included in their gameplay and so on.

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