Poker Face Explained | Does it Help With Lies & Gambling

Poker face is a very popular term in the game that describes the facial expression of a player while gambling. Since a face is the mirror of the mind, a poker face or expression can be used as a hint to understand the thoughts and feelings of a person. While this is an obsolete concept in case of online casinos, for the brick and mortar physical casinos, observing the facial expression of the players at the table has been forever a best strategy.

A lot of gambling strategies such as betting and folding depend on what you can make the other players believe. In fact, the best trained players are the ones who can put up either a neutral or deceptive poker face while the game continues such that the others can never make out what is going on.

Winning a game of gambling is also about how well you can read your poker opponent’s face. In gambling, it is vital to notice if someone is lying or is nervous as it can be a weak point in your opponent’s game that might help you win. Gambling isa game of tactful strategies that can help you tread long paths. Poker is known to be one of the most psychologically intense gambling games that rests on a combination of skill and luck. The game can turn tables in minutes depending on your decision of winning, folding or betting.

Determinants of the Poker Face

Here are some of the authentic and witty ways in which you can identify a poker face and also win the game out of it:


Eyes are the best speakers. They speak volumes about the game. A poker face is usually constituted of the eye movements. That hopelessness when you don’t get the best cards or the temptation to look at other’s cards – all of it says massive words regarding where the game is heading. You can observe some typical tensed moves in the eyes or their rolling that will help give the best idea about poker face.

Chatting in the Game

The next poker face sign to look out for would be the level of chattiness. If someone is a bit too jovial, there are two distinguished possibilities – either they are really in a great situation in the game or they are trying to act too oversmart to deceive their opponents. The nature of conversation can also say a lot about the gambler. In the middle of the play, if the player is trying to be overly friendly or speaking a lot, it could be a means to distract the others from the real game.

Observing Gestures

There is a saying that you have to get the nerves of the player to understand how they are performing. But how to get that? The easiest way is trying to trace the nervousness on the face. For example, you can observe the shaking of hands in players while they place their chips. This happens out of stress and involuntary nervousness. That is why most professionals practice in a way that their hand movements appear as robotic as possible.

Poker Face – Redefined

Poker players often convey unnecessary and unwanted information through their face. Such unwilling information is conveyed through their body language. Getting a good poker face is definitely an art and can give an extra edge to the players in the game. All you have to do is some practice on your part. You can try it out in front of the mirror. Try to keep your body as calm and steady as possible. A poker face is not only how your facial expressions appear but also a lot about your gestures such as fidgeting or moving of your fingers.

Well, in the end it concludes that the capacity to read a poker face is actually one of the most stunning and effective ways to have an extra edge over your opponent. If you are truly a seasoned player, you can protect your game and ensure that you are winning, by not letting your opponent understand your facial expression. So, yes, poker face does help in gambling and lying.

The most important part of observing the facial expression is about the rolling of the eyes. This is exactly why many professional poker players wear sunglasses during the game. Try to understand the gestures, eye movement and other facial expressions of your opponent while keeping your poker face minimalistic to have an upper hand in the game.

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