Poker Table Position – Why It is So Important?

Want to gain mastery over Poker? Well, this is not going to happen unless you master the Poker table position. Which Poker table position you’re at plays an important role in your winning probability in any game of Poker.  But why? The answer lies in the post.

What is Table Position in Poker?

Poker table position refers to the position of a player about the position of the dealer button. Poker is played over a table; featuring a dealer button.  This dealer button also indicates that who the dealer for a specific round of Poker is.  According to the dealer button; the order of betting is decided.

The players sitting left to the dealer button have to bet first while the player sitting extremely right to the dealer button gets to bet last.

The Poker table is mainly divided into six categories.

  • Small Blind- The Poker table position just left to the dealer button is known as Small Blind and players sitting in this position have to bet first after a flop.
  • Big Blind- The seat next to Small Blind is the Big Blind and players on this position also have to bet early in the game.
  • Under The Gun- The position after two seats left to the dealer button is known as Under the Gun and players sitting in this position have to bet after Small and Big Blinds.
  • Under the Gun +1- The fourth seat to the left of the dealer button is the Under the Gun +1 and players sitting in this position have to bet after the rest three positions.
  • Low Jack- The fifth seat to the left of the dealer button is Low Jack and it’s a great position because the player sitting on this Poker table position will have a good understanding of hands before betting.
  • Hi Jack- This is by far the best Poker table position and it’s the immediate right seat to the dealer button. Players sitting on this table have a full understanding of their opponents’ hands and they can make a wise bet.

Why Poker Table Position Matters So Much in the Game

Poker table position can influence your winning probability in Poker. Your table position will decide the amount of information you will have to place your bet. For instance, if you’re sitting on a Small Blind Poker table position, you will have to idea of your opponent’s hand and you have to make a blind bet whereas players sitting on a Hi Jack Poker position will have ample information about the hands built in the game. With this information, they have modified their bet and improved their winning chance.

Other than this obvious importance, playing in the right Poker table position provides some more benefits.

  • Players in position can control the pot size. They can decide when to ‘call’ or ‘raise’ according to the previously placed bets. Their bets decided the pot size.  If players in position have a strong hand then they will make others raise the bet and increase the pot size so that they can win a huge amount. But, if you’re playing out of position, you will have no idea of your opponent’s move, and have zero control over the pot, and everything then depends on luck.
  • Poker table position impacts the hand selection as well.  Players playing from early positions such as Small Blind and Big Blind mostly have to build right hands to up their winning chances whereas players sitting in late positions such as Hi Jack and Low Jack can have a looser range of hands because they can modify their bet, based upon the other hands.
  • One great advantage of playing in position is to get a free card that you use to build your hand. Players in positions act after their opponents and will have a full understanding of their peers’ moves. Based on the information gathered, they can check behind a flop and ask for a free card if their peers check back as well. Using this free card, they can build a strong hand.
  • Playing at the favourable Poker table position allows players to calculate the pot odds, a ratio between the total pot size and your bet size. Pot odd plays a crucial part in deciding when to call a bet and when not. If you’re a part of a multipot poker game then your Poker table position will help you have a sound understanding of pot odds. Players sitting at late positions can analyze past bets and have a rough idea of pot odds.

Ending Notes

Poker table position has a great impact on your game and betting strategy. Playing in position will always help you have an edge over your peers while players out of positions have to make a shot in the dark. So, choose your position wisely.

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