RTP and Expected Value in Monopoly Live Casino

Evolution developed and hosts the live-dealer casino game show known as Monopoly Live. In this article we will discuss the advanced strategies for that game. Check out our review first if you want to learn the basics of Monopoly and how it functions.

Anyway, the rules and logic of Monopoly live casino are simple. A pointer at the top of the wheel, spun by the presenter, selects the winner. Each round one bet can win, and there is only one pointer.

We also know that there are 54 sections on the wheel. It means that there is a 1.85% chance of any one section winning.

This figure calculates the chance of each bet in Monopoly Live.

One of the game’s basic bets, for example, is on the green segments denoted by the number 2. The wheel has a total of 15 of these segments. As a result, the chance of winning that specific bet is as follows:

15 x 1.85 = 27.75%

Every bet that the game offers may be calculated using this method. Double the segment’s number of wheel appearances by 1.85 before placing a bet.

Expected Value and RTP in Monopoly Live

The chance of winning the bet only tells part of the tale. We must also take the RTP of Monopoly Live casino bets into account.

Make sure you first know what RTP and expected value in casino games represent. Check out our post on RTP in live casino games if you’re not completely up to speed.

Anyhow, the RTP of a bet refers to the ratio between the reward it offers and its chance that it will win. Your long-term returns will be better if the RTP is higher.

It’s also vital to be aware that bets in Monopoly Live casino don’t all have the same RTP. In essence, some betting options have greater winnings to chances ratios. Which makes them better bets. Each method employed in Money Wheel games is based on locating bets with the highest RTP.

Monopoly live stats table

BetWheel SegmentsPayoutProbabilityRTP
2 Rolls3Up to 9,999:15.55%93.90%
4 Rolls1Up to 9,999:11.85%93.67%

What Are the Monopoly Bets That Pay Off?

According to statistics, the Number 2 bet and Number 10 bet are the two best bets in the game.

You seasoned gamers will know that this is a major break from the norms common to the majority of wheel-based game shows. The Number 1 bet can often be the greatest choice in timeless games like Dream Catcher. Which served as a model for Monopoly. The RTP calculations for the four basic bets. Yet, are rather simple, and we have confidence in these results.

However, the Bonus games (Rolls bets) are a little hard to understand. Despite being the most volatile, their mechanics make it difficult to figure out projected value. These bets are by far the most fun, thus it’s a shame that they have a poor RTP.

But chance is a wonderful element that has the power to alter the entire situation. The payout of any other bet can be increased by a factor of 4, 8, or 12 even if it is not a bet in and of itself. The issue is that every other bet in Monopoly Live’s RTP calculation is harmed by the chance of a Chance multiplier.

Live Stats Trackers for Monopoly

All Monopoly Live outcomes are tracked, recorded, and compiled in real-time by stat trackers. Which are independent websites or mobile applications. Instead of using theoretical statistics. They base the chance on the results of thousands of actual rounds.

This is helpful in two ways. In the first place, it verifies that the probabilities we estimated are accurate, within a 1% range. That falls well within the standard deviation’s range.

Second, it confirms that every game of Monopoly Live has outcomes that are at random. In every round, there is an equal chance that each segment will win. The more rounds you play. The closer theoretical probabilities and actual outcomes will be.

But there’s something important we should note here.

Monopoly Future results cannot be predicted using live metrics, trackers, or results archives. Future results are not in any way changed by past outcomes. There are no “hot” or “cold” bets in this situation, and no outcome is ever “due.” Contrary thinking is frequently referred to as the “gambler’s fallacy.”


To sum up, knowing the math and statistics that underlie Monopoly Live casino. It will help you avoid making careless errors and taking excessive risks. Stats, yet, cannot be utilized to forecast future outcomes, including victories and defeats.

Find the ideal bet for your needs using the Monopoly Live statistic table. But don’t count on winning every time. The majority of casino games depend on luck, which adds to their appeal

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