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Your use of the website and any products, services, or software made available through it is governed by the following “Terms of Use” (sometimes referred to as “Terms of Use”) for Bajitaka. They also include our disclaimer and privacy policy, which are also included therein. All users have full access to these terms and conditions through a distinct and unmistakable link located in the footer of each page of our website.

Before taking part in any activity on this website, all users are required to have a complete understanding of the descriptions, usage instructions, limitations, and other pertinent information provided in these terms of use. These terms of use, combined with the disclaimer and data protection policy, are accepted by using or accessing this website, forms the basis of a mutual agreement between the user and this website setting out the rules for the management of rights and obligations of both are determined as part.


Unless otherwise specified otherwise, “Site” or “Website” refers to GamblingSites.org as a third party or external website or site.

The terms “User,” “Visitor,” “You,” and “Are” are used interchangeably in these Provisions and Conditions to refer to any person or entity utilizing the Website in accordance with the terms of this Agreement or a visitation agreement.

The following terms, descriptions, limitations, warnings, reservations, usage guidelines, etc., as they are individually and comprehensively defined on this website, are referred to as “Terms” or “Terms of Use.”

Age-Restricted Materials

Please be aware that our website may include references to subjects that might be viewed as inappropriate by visitors under the age of 18 depending on the relevant laws. To view the website’s material, the user must be at least 18 years old. The user represents and warrants that they are legally at least 18 years old by viewing this page.

Terms & Conditions Modifications

We reserve the right to periodically update and modify the terms and conditions to reflect changes to our service or technological capabilities, to conform to new rules that may be in effect, and/or to reflect amendments to existing laws.

The new terms and conditions will take effect right away if they are new. The current version of the Terms of Use serve as the foundation for the user commitment.

The consumer refers to all such modifications in the terms and conditions when he or she wishes to browse or use the website. The article’s revision date, which is included at the conclusion, shows when the most recent revision was made.

Content and Services

All information and materials made available to Bajitaka users, including, but not limited to, website ratings or evaluations of competitions, tournaments, or sweepstakes, forums, surveys, and other features and services, are described in full in our sole discretion.

It may at any moment be modified, removed, or otherwise updated, with or without the user’s knowledge or approval. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs, texts, images, graphics, logos, other material, and copyrighted information should be aware of the terms.

By using the website, the user also acknowledges that Bajitaka disclaims any liability in relation to the use of the website’s features, functions, or content and that the website and everything on it are supplied “as is.” Everything here is offered purely for the consumer’s private, non-commercial enjoyment.

Only a PC or mobile device can be used to perform any downloads, if that is necessary. Without Bajitaka’s written consent, none of the products or services may be shared, altered, republished, or exposed to the public. In addition, we have the right to revoke this consent whenever we see fit.

Content produced by consumers

Users can input and keep text-based data on our website (“Content”, “Comments”) under the following conditions:

  • All other responsibilities relating to material are the responsibility of the user. Bajitaka is not liable for the legality, integrity, courtesy, or appropriateness of any user-submitted content.
  • The content is wholly maintained by the individual, is free of any copyrighted material that belongs to another person or organization, forbids the reproduction of such material, and does not violate anyone’s right to privacy or right to publicity.
  • The website is free to use, copy, distribute, publicly display, or delete any user-submitted content that is uploaded there.
  • Anyone with access to comments is still able to copy or distribute the material anyway they like.

External reference

The website may occasionally link directly to other websites under specific circumstances. As is clearly stated on our website, Bajitaka is not explicitly endorsed, endorsed, authorized by, related with, or sponsored by these websites or the businesses they claim to represent.

It is entirely up to the individual’s judgment and choice whether they use these credentials to log in to an external site.

Except for acts, goods, and/or services directly provided on or related to these external websites, we are not legally or otherwise liable for the content of any linked or associated third-party websites.

Limitation of Liability

If a user contacts or uses the website and its contents, Bajitaka, its directors, employees, affiliates, or employees shall not be liable for any real or indirect damages, including financial loss, lost data, or amortization of the value of the goodwill, experienced by the user or any third party.

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