Three Card Poker Online Games – Rules & Strategy (Beginners)

Three Card Poker Online is one of the most popular and playable versions of Poker on the online casino platforms. As is evident from the game, this variation of poker is played with three cards at hand. The beginning of any hand in the game is marked by the player putting up an ante in the poker box and then receiving three poker cards against it. Now depending on the hand that is dealt to the player, they can usually take up two processes:

Fold – Either the player can give up the ante they had submitted and not risk any of their money

Play: This is the next option players can opt for. In this process, the players can match their ante bet by continuing in a hand.

While there is nothing much to understand about “Fold”, for the “Play” option, the p;ayer has to match the ante bet. Let us understand this with the help of an example – if any player puts up the ante of $3, and they decide to “Play”, they will have to bet another $3, so the total becomes $10.

After the player has decided to Play forward, the dealer will reveal their hands that leads to comparison of the two sets of cards – the one with the player and the other with the dealer. The dealer on the other hand should possess a Queen high hand to qualify for the better. If the dealer does not qualify in this, the Ante bet will be paid out. This was all about the basics of Three Card Poker.

Strategies to Ace the Game of Three Card Poker Online

Now let us dive deeper into the secret tips, tricks and strategies for playing the Three Card Poker Online.

Use the Pair Plus Bets

While the ante and placing straight bets is one course of the game, the player also has the option to place a Pair Plus Bet. If the player’s hands contain a certain pair of better cards, only then the Pair Plus Bet will be profitable. The Pair Plus bet has a much higher house edge when compared to the Ante. Pair Plus Bets will be one of a kind worthy options if you are trying to win big.

Understanding the Right Time to Fold or Play

Whether to choose fold or play is one of the most pertinent questions for the players in the game of Three Card Poker. The ideal rule is to go for the Play option, if the player has a hand of Queen – Four – Six or even a better combination than that. If the player has a lower hand, it is always recommended to go for Folding. Always focus on making your hand stronger and higher before you try to win big. Winning with the lower hands can pave the way for huge losses in the future.

Details About the Ante Bonus Bet

The three card poker game relies a lot on the deal of Ante. The ante bonus bet is a highly profitable bet that is offered by most online casinos. This bet is straight, unique and one of a kind. This side bet is lucrative especially if the odds at the table are favorable. One needs to check the odds at the table, if they want to place this bet.

Prioritize the Strategies

Poker is a game of strategies. One needs to understand the complete set of rules to properly apply them in the game. Making suitable moves to win the game is truly important in the game of poker. Let us analyze some of the most common mistakes that players do when into the game of Three Card Poker

Losing Hold of a Strategy

The players often start chasing the losses and in this quest they drift away from their regular strategy. This is a great loss for the game. The bankroll gets depleted and the future game setup could get disbalanced.


A player should never overlook the rules of the game. Understand that your chances of success completely depends on how well you can read through and apply the rules. Nothing can beat the basics of the game and it is highly important that a player develops the best game strategies based on the knowledge of these rules.

Estimate the Side Bets Appropriately

Players have a tendency to overestimate the side bets which can actually drown their game. Ante Bonus and other side bets have different types of house edges and also various risks associated. It is vital to look at the side bets as it is and never overestimate them.

Play Poker Three Cards Online at the reputed casinos and win big.

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