What Does Hot Numbers Mean in a Online Roulette Game?

Roulette is one of the most played online casino games. This is practically because it is extremely easy to understand and even easier to play. Despite the fact that there is a strict set of rules to follow, even the novices can get along really well with this one. If you have ever been into playing roulette online or are planning to play the game in near future, you must come across the term cold number.

Since the game has been in practice since the beginning of the 17th century, there has been plenty of research and surveys done on the same. As a result of the surveys, some really interesting concepts have emerged and one such concept is the Hot Numbers.

Concept of Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are the specific numbers on the roulette board where the ball lands more frequently than on others. So, in general it is a belief that hot numbers are luckier and more potential to gain you a win than other numbers. Now that most players p;ay the game of roulette online, the websites have an option for the players to assess the hot and cold numbers before they can bet on it. This unique feature helps the online casinos draw more players towards the game of roulette as the chances of winning becomes more prominent and easier in this game.

Why are the hot and cold numbers so important?

The answer is simple – because they make chances of winning greater. Most of the times, the hot numbers are decided based on the past game statistics – the results of previous spins helps pick the hot numbers. While some players believe that hot and cold numbers are just another myth, some players have truly made out a fortune by implementing strategies on these numbers.

When to Bet on the Hot and Cold Numbers?

Before we get into the details of when to bet on the hot and cold numbers, it is important to know which ones to bet on – hot or cold numbers. While the majority (almost 9/10th of the players) would agree on the fact that it is hot numbers that you should bet on, there is a school of roulette players who believe that it is perfect to bet on cold numbers. This is because cold numbers are the ones that haven’t won in a while and some players think this is exactly why they have higher winning chances.

Is HOT and COLD Number in Roulette myth?

In reality, if you do not believe in the myths and like to play roulette based on stark reality, it is imperative to know that the idea of betting on hot and cold numbers is not really fruitful. It is just a matter of myth  because hot and cold numbers do not work in reality. Each number has equal chances of winning the spin because ultimately it is a machine operated interface.

What you can truly rely on is the game statistics. Not only in the online version, but also in the land based casino version – the game statistics are displayed to the players and this helps them to make the decision accordingly. Following the game statistics can be more helpful in deciding how to get along rather than relying on hot or cold numbers.

In most roulette tables – offline or online, the display will show the gaming results – the numbers that won most recently. If any number on the table appears more then twice or thrice, they will be considered as Hot Numbers. Just conversely, when any number does not appear in the past two or three winnings – they will be attributed as cold numbers. In case of online roulette game, you can expect even longer lists of hot and cold numbers that will help make better decisions.

Explanation for Hot and Cold Numbers in Roulette Game

Here are three possible explanations of a number becoming hot number in the online roulette game

The first one is called the “Dealer’s Signature” which simply means that where the ball lands depends on how the dealer spins the ball. So, ultimately it is the dealer’s actions that makes a number hot or cold.

The second one – perhaps the most important one is the Gambler’s Fallacy. It clearly means that there is nothing called the hot or cold number – it is just the mere misconceptions existing among the gamblers that makes a number hot or cold.

Old Wheels is another possible explanation. The roulette wheels are often properly balanced to the extent that the ball always lands on the same space making those numbers as Hot or Cold.

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